Technology: Friend or Foe

Despite my mathematics background, I confess to being a bit of a Luddite. I hate updates to my devices because the paths I used to take from A to Z are often changed. ‘If it works, don’t fix it’ is my motto. I view apps as the clutter of modern civilization.

I once texted my daughter using my voice saying I was at the Heifners so she’d know I’d be coming soon. I was puzzled when she texted back asking if I wanted her to pick me up. I had been at a woman’s march on a warm day and what she received was that I was at the Health Nurse.

My husband has set a security camera so any movement on our front porch sends a signal to his cell to tinkle every few seconds. Then he leaves his phone within hearing of my woman cave and goes off to his man cave.

I can get my desktop in a crazy state with a fumble of a finger, but recovery takes research on my iPad and 12 steps so I can get out of all caps, or type at all or some other weird undesirable state.

On the other hand I can’t imagine life without email, word processing, instant access to information, convenient shopping, and more.

I have mixed feelings about robots replacing human beings, but there’s one use on the horizon too time consuming for humans. Someone has invented an AI way of telling the difference between weeds and plants and distinguish between plants. Instead of blasting an entire field with weed killer, tiny amounts of herbicide can be administered to weeds and volunteer unwanted plants using robotic spigots and reducing herbicide use by 90%. John Deere has purchased the patent. What I like best about organic is the lack of herbicides so this seems a compromise between organic and mass produced food.

Machines, which eliminate back-breaking work harvesting food are being used, along with self-driving tractors.

Any innovation requires proper use for maximum benefit. Given the number of innovations, it’s not surprising we are discovering downsides like lack of privacy, difficulty separating truth from fiction, anonymous online attacks, and addiction to social media/online games.