Keep Calm,Take Care, and Sing a Little Ditty There

Check out these tips on handling groceries. 



If you don’t have time to watch the video, here are the main points:

Leave groceries outside or in the garage if not perishable. The virus remains on cardboard for 1 day, plastic 3 days. Note: In the freezer, up to two years!

Otherwise wipe off groceries with a kitchen disinfectant on a wiped off counter. You can dump contents into a clean container and dump the packaging. Wash fruit as you’d wash your hands. If you get takeout, hot food is better, and again dump the packaging after putting the food on a plate and microwave. Microwaving and heating kills a Corona virus. Thanks to my friend, Sue Shattuck, for sharing.

Now, have fun singing or chanting the following to the rhythm of the song: Modern Major General from Gilbert & Sullivans The Pirates of Penzance

I am the very model of effective social distancing!
I listen to the experts on the topic of resistance-ing;
I know that brunch and yoga class aren’t nearly as imperative
As doing what I can to change the nation’s viral narrative.
I’m very well acquainted, too, with living solitarily
And confident that everyone can do it temporarily:
Go take a walk, ride a bike, or dig into an unread book;
Avoid the bars and restaurants and carry out, or learn how to cook.

There’s lots of stuff to watch online while keeping safe from sinus ills
(In this case, it’s far better to enjoy your Netflix MINUS chills!)
Adopt a pet, compose a ballad, write some earnest doggerel,
And hope we become more safe by the next inaugural.

Pandemics are alarming, but they aren’t insurmountable.
In short, please do your part to practice prudent co-existencing
And be the very model of effective social distanciing!

Thanks to my friend, John Avila, who passed this on. It’s slightly tweaked.

Original by Eliza Rubinstein.