Please Let This Be As Good As It Sounds

An Israeli company— UBQ,short for ubiquitous— claims to have a means to turn trash—any and all—into plastic. This means that all current plastic can be recycled and fewer landfills will be belching propane. No sorting required by consumers. No water used in the processing.


The president of the International Solid Waste Association visited the plant, which is in the Negev desert, and is convinced the claims are valid.

It only takes hours for an 8-ton mound of garbage to be sorted, ground, chopped, shredded, cleaned, and heated at up to 400 degrees to come out as tiny plastic-like pellets that can be used for manufacturing everyday products.

Some like the chief executive of the Plastic Expert Group are still dubious, but have moved from scoffing at the idea to wanting to evaluate the products. I’ve learned from experience that recycled plastic should not be used for pipes under your house so I’m guessing the products’ strengths will be one thing to test. The group agrees that “If the technology proves commercially viable, “it could be a game changer for the global environment.” OTOH, oil companies are looking to manufacturing plastic now that electric cars are becoming more popular.

Even the products themselves can be recycled several times.

This is what I counted as my Thanksgiving thanks, but I’m crossing my fingers.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a good break from the world.

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