Will Organ Donation Some Day Become Obsolete?

I’ve always been dumbfounded about 3-D printing. I’m old enough to have taken typing before the invention of word processing, which I took in stride as progress. However, 3-D printing amazes me as nothing short of miraculous. A recent articlecompounds my wonder. Progress has been made on 3-D printing human organs, blood vessels and all. 3-D printed meat and houses have already been accomplished. (I don’t consider guns as progress, but that’s been done..) The new method, stereolithography, uses jelly-like materials known as hydrogels.

Imagine, people who need transplants not having to wait for a suitable donor.

On an unrelated matter, here’s my daughter’s photo of the recent “pink moon.” It wasn’t named pink for the color of the moon but for the color of phlox, which blooms in April. So this pink moon obliged its name.

I also read an article about ways to circumvent Physics Uncertainty Principle. Does that mean that the Uncertainty Principle. isn’t certain. Perhaps my next blog.