Curiosities for the Curious






⦿ The feet of horse embryos indicate the final product will have five toes each, but as the fetus develops the ten toes morph into two hooves. I wonder if reindeer embryos do the same thing. Imagine the clatter Rudolph et all would raise on our roofs if their feet didn’t evolve.

⦿ Some jellyfish don’t have to touch with their trailers to sting you. They can shoot out tiny sting-grenades. Kapow. Kapow.

⦿ Some microbes spread their antibiotic resistance to other microbes. The cooties are in kahoots.

⦿ But wait! A new antibiotic has been found in “of all places” inside a tiny worm—a nemotode to be precise. Take that you disease carriers.

⦿ Stories of Female Amazon warriors are not myths. New evidence has been found to indicate they were real. Some removed their breasts in order not to interfere with shooting arrows. At least they don’t have to deal with mammograms.

⦿ There’s a woman who grows eyelash-like hair in her gums. I imagine her dentist accuses her of a poor flossing job and wonders about her diet.