My New Years Visions for Science

By Bart Everson –, CC BY 2.0,

* One of my visions is that plastic, Styrofoam, etc. will be replaced by products that won’t languish in a landfill. I was delighted to receive an online order recently with packing peanuts made of starch. They dissolve in water and are biodegradable. The sender claimed they were cheaper than Styrofoam. Evidently, they have been around since the 1990s, but they were new to me.

* I’ve blogged before about biodegradable plastics being developed and already some such bags are in use. I am anxious to see them become the norm. Now, I can only reuse plastic packaging as much as possible. No more seal-a-meal bags!

*I’d love to see a way to scrub carbon dioxide from the air that is safe and economically feasible . Scientists are quiet about their work on it for fear that people will believe society need not worry about pollution, and of course fear of failure or unintended consequences.

* How about battery storage for electricity becoming cheaper and more available so that solar and wind energy use can be maximized.

* I see electric airplanes in our future. Work has begun on small planes.

*The kind of scientific medical discoveries that I long for are those that will result in less invasive surgeries and more affordable cures. I find myself amazed at what research shows can be done, but often at tremendous cost.

*And wouldn’t it be great if someone invented a pill to erase our memories of the agony of 2020.

Here’s to better 2021 to all!


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