What’s Mother Earth up to?

What’s Mother Earth Up to?

The mind boggles with recent disasters. Hurricane Harvey drenching parts of Texas, Irma not to be outdone in the Caribbean and Florida. Fires in California. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. At least two beautiful natural areas, Yosemite in California, and the gorge containing Multinomah Falls in Oregon, and an 8.0 earthquake in the ocean near Mexico and Guatemala with a threat of tsunami. The only thing left is a volcanic eruption.

Houston is probably not alone in its construction of a concrete floor allowing water no place to go but into buildings. An area, which Hurricane Andrew hit over 20 years ago has been populated with domino-arranged high rise buildings. The potential for damage and loss of life much worse.

I wonder if our divided country is up to the challenge of long term planning.

On the lighter side, did you know?

  •  An elderly couple with first names Harvey and Irma have made national news for the first time in their over 9 decades of life. By the way this may seem an amazing coincidence, but for mathematical reasons such a coincidence is  likely, just not very likely for a particular couple such as Kenn and Eloise.
  • Scientists are designing cultured meat complete with taste and protein because it is  real meat. The lab meat  began at a cost to make billionaires gasp, but is dropping rapidly and will soon be competitive. Initial cells come from animals, but once the cells reproduce they can provide starter cells for the next batch. It reminds me of homemade yeast.  One of my favorite jokes is that if God didn’t want people to eat animals, he shouldn’t have made them out of meat.
  •   Animals who are organized in packs are democratic. Grunts, barks, or other sounds indicate a positive vote. The most unusual are wild dogs of Africa which sneeze for approval of a hunt. The research isn’t definitive and it seems if the alpha dog sneezes first, fewer need to follow for the hunt to begin.
  • Those I spoke with felt the trek to see the full eclipse was worth it. Further, I’ve heard no reports of eye damage despite some profiteers manufacturikng fake glasses. The url for the website which will stitch together eclipse pix accross the country is:http://www.citizencate.org/