Hate Preparing for a Colonoscopy? There’s a Better Way

Related to problems with septic tanks as waste management systems, problems with human waste management systems have been inspected by colonoscopies.

Recently, I was surprised and delighted to discover that a home test has been developed that detects whether you need one. It is claimed to be equally effective as .colonoscopies in saving lives. Instead of drinking lots of nasty stuff, and then spending the rest of the day rushing to the throne, you go once and swab a small amount. Mail it to a lab for analysis and wait for the results. The new tests can detect microscopic amounts of blood, in which case you will need further investigation and possible treatment. I infer that you’d schedule a colonoscopy with the intention of having any polyps removed,

This is precisely what I’d like medical science to include in its research, cheaper and easier means of saving lives. I hope this country will have a serious discussion about the expense of adding a few months of life to people who are on their last legs.

Colonoscopies are not recommended over 75 years of age as going under anesthesia is not risk free, and colon cancer is slow growing. This test could continue to be used at any age and a risk assessment can be done.