The Good, the Bad, and the So-So


  • The top mile of the ocean is warmer than ever, and will not be contained without bold action. The temperature of the ocean affects our weather. .
  • Gas is leaking benzene to the tune of the same amount as 60,000 fossil fueled cars in California, which is where the research was done. It is difficult to think gas appliances and gas installation is very different across the U.S.
  • The Space Station had to duck to avoid  junk that humans have left drifting in the atmosphere. I find this depressing. Isn’t it enough that we have trashed our oceans and more?


Interesting but I find myself indifferent:

  • New minerals are being found to exist likely only at the high pressure of Earth’s core.  Two minerals with similar molecular are daveomite and bridgmanite are such. Since similar minerals often combine, it may be that there is a third new mineral close to Earth’s inner core. Heat plays a factor for two parents to give birth.
  • An Earth-sized habitable planet has been found to exist. Habitable is of course defined as habitable to humans. I imagine this is most welcome to those who want their descendants to have an alternative to Earth if climate change makes Earth undesirable.
  • Lava may be bubbling under the surface of Mars.


  • Cosmic wonders. I’m sure everyone’s seen some amazing photos from the Webb telescope, but don’t underplay the Hubble. Now there’s a video of Hubble’s contributions.
  • There’s active work on making Bio fuel from dead plants to fly airplanes. Corn stalks in particular are being looked at. Corn is such a common vegetable, and yet only one ear grows on a single stalk. I recall my parents used cobs to heat a cook stove before they had electricity. I guess it’s about time we did as well.
  • Video games have been discovered to be positive for development of children’s cognitive skills. I’ve also read recently that people who spend time on their computers rather than watching television are less likely to get dementia.. Exercise, of course, is also key to mental health as well as physical health.
  • A coral reef has miraculously recovered after keeping fishing away from the reef. I heard this on NPR while driving and didn’t catch the entire show, but the moderator asked about how practical this was given the fishing industry and the unspoken need of humans for food. The response was that there are example that both corals and fish thrive when the balance is right.


. Climate warming is actually ocean warming

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New MInerals

Place for Our Descendents?


         Amazing Hubble Video

 Fuel from dead wood and plants?

.Maybe you don’t need to worry about video games

 Coral recovery & Relation between fish and coral

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