Climate Change Fighters

There are a myriad of efforts to halt the warming of Earth and its consequences in different ways. Accordingly, there is a plethora of organizations working on the issues.

Getting off dependence on fossil fuels: The use of fossil fuels—coal, oil, natural gas is why we are where we are. Planes, cars, factories, homes spewing poison into the air. Climate scientists have long called for reduction in use. Attempts to improve fuel efficiency, turn to renewable energy, reduction of consumption have dominated early efforts. They must be stepped up. We need to:

  • get out of our cars by using public transportation, carpooling, working from home when possible, flying less, stop building more highways and lanes
  • electrify our cars and homes and sign up for electricity from renewable sources like  solar, wind, and hydrothermal. Improve energy storage.

Carbon Capture: We’ve waited too long, and done too little to stem the warming by less carbon pollution. The above efforts won’t happen fast enough on their own. Scientists are seeking ways to remove carbon from the air and to capture carbon as it’s produced in industry.

Special Attention to our Oceans:

Our oceans produce 70% of our oxygen via plankton, whose numbers are threatened by the warming of Earth. Oceans also absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide. Heatlhy oceans are critical to our survival. Above are only two of many who see the problem. Also, critical to the planet’s survival are wild animals. Other organizations are fighting for them. Their success in reintroducing keystone species to their former habitats has regenerated the areas and proof of Climate Scientists’ claim that humans need to move from exploiting nature to protecting nature and regenerating any areas we overuse.

Legal Means and Political Will:

  • Organizations like Earth Justice support environmental laws and sue corporations for damage to the environment that affects public health, etc. I like their slogan “Because Earth Needs a Good Lawyer.”
  • Big Money talks loudest in our political system, and many fossil fuel industries and industries that pollute in their manufacturing processes work hard to conduct business as usual. Individuals must pressure their politicians to step up to stem the damage from climate change.
  • Organizations like apply even more pressure from the size of their membership. EDF tries to work with companies on ways to improve their carbon footprints.
  • This year’s climate disasters have changed the mindset of the peoples of the World. Few doubt now that we are in trouble. The COP26 discussion has changed from arguments over human causation to the best means of dealing most quickly with the crisis. While 100 countries have pledged to stop deforestation and other promises, Greta Thunberg isn’t convinced.

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