Don’t Let Our Tools Become Our Enemies

Any tool can be used for good or harm. I claim fingernails are great tools for getting at an itch, or removing gunk from a surface but of course they can also be weapons.

Scientific discoveries have made our lives easier, but have caused damage to our planet’s ability to maintain our health and very survival.

Technology has enabled us to answer questions by tapping into a search engine.  The price for this convenience is that companies, charities, and political campaigns pester us — a mere nuisance compared to the harm  hackers do, namely hijack computers for ransoms, steal your financial information, and even your identity.

Even worse, imagine the shutdown of our energy sources and ability to communicate, both of which are dependent on computers and software.  It is unclear we are doing enough to prepare for preventing a strike that could destroy our quality of life.

One potential disaster threatens our very democracy via hacking our elections.  Evidence exists that touchscreen voting technology have allowed the votes of an entire county to be dumped in Tennessee.  Rumors about Ohio’s election results being hacked have existed for years. The expert, Jennifer Cohn (@jennycohn1), has convincing evidence we need hand-marked paper ballots for secure elections. Given the Corona virus, Americans need to be able to vote by mail, and not be standing in line nor touching screens others have touched. John Oliver argues  how  difficult it is to turn in a wrong vote by mail.

An excellent eye-opening book, Red Notice, which through the life of an American investor in Russia, portrays life in Russia, a country where ordinary citizens have no power. If our elections are not determined by ordinary citizens, we couldl become such a country. Mail-in ballots take time to prepare. If you agree, please advocate for secure elections to save your ability to have a say-so.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Our Tools Become Our Enemies

  1. Thanks for your astute observations. I’ve been voting by mail for years, as has my wife. I can see that it would be difficult to use vote by mail to commit fraud. But those bent on doing evil seem always to find a way to do it. That includes the good old “go to the polls and mark a ballot in a booth” system. It’s been done back when there was little in the way of technology to assist. It appears that the drive toward doing away with mail-in ballots is politically motivated, as more and more things seem to be of late. Thanks for sharing this, it’s good to read the real skinny on things amid all the “fake news”.

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