Don’t Spray Away the Human Race

No one wants ants in their kitchens, their underwear drawer or any place else in the house, but we don’t need to keep our yards as pristine as our homes. More and more people are spraying or murdering by hiring  sprayers to do the dirty job outside: around their house and their yards.


Unfortunately, the killer spray doesn’t distinguish between insects. Earthworms, bees, butterflies, and other insects are being killed in the process. These are vital allies for us humans. Earthworms build soil, enrich it with nutrients, make it more porous, better suited to drainage, and overall improves our soil for growing food. They directly if not willingly provide food for songbirds. Everyone knows that bees pollinate flowering plants including those that supply one-third of our food supply.

According to Margaret Renkl’s articlein the NYTimes, which inspired this blog, homeowners use up 10 times more pesticide per acre than farmers do. If we continue to deplete the insect population, in 100 years they will be gone. Humans are then unlikely to survive.

Unfortunately, poisoned insects go on to poison the songbirds and other species whose diets include bugs and worms. Further, herbicides make plants poisonous to insects, further contributing to the problem.

I hope this article inspires you to think twice about spraying outside of your homes.

OTOH, I have an inside spraying tip for those, who like me can never swat fast enough or stealthily enough to kill a fly on the inside of my window. Spray it generously with a window cleaner. It will be stunned enough for you to easily whap it and wipe the window afterward.

Stay safe!


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