Scientific Rays of Light Shining Through the COVID-19 Cloud


Rays of Light # 1: While hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug, has proved disappointing and potentially harmful, UCSF and a Canadian company are discovering promising results from two drugs: colchicine, which is an inexpensive treatment used against gout and leronlimab, a newer experimental treatment originally developed for HIV patients. Clinical trials are being conducted and a measure of success give doctors reason to be hopeful. It would be exciting if the gout medication were effective because it is of low cost and widely available. Leronlimab is a monoclonal antibody manufactured by CytoDyn in Vancouver, WA, with chief science officer based in San Francisco.

Both drugs—as hydroxychloroquine intended to—work by preventing or lessening a cytokine storm, a term for a patient’s immune system becoming overactive and attacking healthy cells along with the virus. Cytokine storms are most likely guilty of contributing to deaths from COVID-19.

Ray of Light #2: An emergency doctor,  Dr. Richard Levitan, reports two colleagues noticed a drop in their blood oxygen saturation levels but no other symptoms. When tested they found they were positive and early treatment apparently saved their lives. Boris Johnson evidently survived for the same reason. Unfortunately the lead in Dr. Levitan’s NY Times article was buried. It sounded as if an account of what he learned in his ten days in a hospital ward treating  COVID-19 patients. I’ve read some such articles where the main thing learned is that the disease is hell on Earth. Fortunately, CBS News picked up on the message, which should have been  Front Page Main Headline news, and Dr. Levitan was interviewed on April 23rd, 2020.

A pulse oximeter, a simple device, in every doctor’s office can be purchased for home use at pharmacies and online, which tests your blood oxygen levels at home. Put in a forefinger, press a button, and wait a few seconds to see the results. At sea level, your reading should be between 94 and 100 percent. As with any disease, early detection is critical to survival. This test could well serve as an early warning signal.

I am vastly impressed with the response of medical scientists, engineers, relevant manufacturing re ventilators  to say nothing of the medical personnel who are on the front lines. They are working day and night to get this crisis under control. It will be America, which saves America.

In the meantime, stay safe!





4 thoughts on “Scientific Rays of Light Shining Through the COVID-19 Cloud

  1. You say an HIV drug gives hope to those suffering from COVOD-19. The MS center at UCSF had a zoom meeting with neurologists and their patients. The topic was COVID-19. The neurologists highlighted how COVID treatments affect MS patients, but they also commented on COVID patients in general. They said HIV drugs wereuseless against COVID. Where did you get your info, and how long ago was it?UCSF said they have a 66% success rate with remdesivir.  Remdesivir is made by Gilead, a drug company with a rapacious reputation. One wonders if they have pushed UCSF in some way  to come up with a somewhat rosy view of remdesivir.  China has done a study on remdesivir and found it to be no more advantageous than their normal treatment for pneumonia. I have to find the study to learn what their normal treatment consists of? Cuba developed an anti viral drug for Covid. China used this drug with success, they say. Was it used in the trials?We will send a letter similar to your post office letter.Carol


    • It was in the SF Chron and within a few days ago. You can click on the source, which is highlighted in blue. The drug company was as noted in what I wrote not Gilead, nor was the drug remdesivir. There seems to be more optimism about the one for gout than the one originally designed for HIV, but they plan clinical trials, which is not something the medical profession does at the drop of a hat. I note no clinical trials for injecting disinfectants into people.


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