Unexpected lining to the COvid-19 Cloud

    We all know the horrendous loss of life and income consequences of COvid-19. Here are some curious results:
    • At a Hong Kong shuttered zoo, a pair of pandas mated for the first time. They had been together for 13 years. Well, don’t we all want privacy for such activity?
    • In general, animals are reclaiming space. Yosemite has seen a number of animal species in places where humans used to congregate. Coyotes even roam San Francisco city streets. I see them on my street near a natural area, but I can’t imagine them where there are stoplights. I doubt they respect them.
    • Recently LA not only had unusually clean air, it had the cleanest day of all the cities in the U.S. In fact, the skies are cleaner  all over the world with fewer cars on the road.  I noticed I can see windmills in the distance more clearly than ever before, and at night I can also see lights farther into the distance.
    • Most peculiar to me is that fewer cars means fewer ground vibrations and thereby movement of the Earth’s crust. Seismologists are excited because they are able to detect smaller vibrations deep in the ground.
    • I’m interacting with friends more often via the internet to check on them, and others seem to be doing the same.
    • I’ve received the same quick & easy recipe chain mail exchange twice.
    • People are trading rare resources. I scored a 500 piece puzzle for canola oil.
    • While some people are stepping up to help with sewing circles making masks, others grocery shopping for the elderly, there are the usual criminals trying to make money from the crisis with fake claims of tests and cures.
  • Hats Off and Masks On to those working around the clock to care for the afflicted and keep our shelves supplied. Many medical personnel are working long hours without proper protection  Many folks are involved in bringing food & essentials to the public. They are all heroes!



*Original title: Panda Hug, Photographer:



Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International


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