Somewhere Under the Rainbow.

Somewhere under the rainbow, birds fly.


At my age, it’s always a surprise to learn of something new. The news that there are upside down rainbows blew me away.








Several years ago, I witnessed a fogbow on a hike. I was with a gang of friends and no one had seen or heard of such. We were all amazed.



I suppose it is not that amazing given that light is made up of a spectrum of colors and that there are many conditions under which we can see the different colors. Still, after a lifetime of ordinary rainbows, seeing the first upside down was like seeing someone casually walking on the ceiling.

According to Wikipedia, rainbows can be full circles, which I’ve never seen because one needs to be at the top of a skyscraper or in a plane near sunrise or sunset, but I’ve seen the rare double rainbow. The one above is smaller and the colors are in reversed order according to Wikipedia. I found the article quite fascinating and recommend it.

There are also sunbows and spray bows, which can appear under waterfalls and in wakes from boats.

This article was fun to write. Happy Pi Day!



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