Not headed for a solar eclipse traffic jam?

The diamond ring

Not to worry. 60 science stations across the countries  have volunteered to take great videos. I’ll be cruising on the Danube on the 21st, so I was delighted to hear I won’t miss it entirely. I’m also too cheap to spend $500 to $999 on a Hotel 6.

Those who have experienced a full solar eclipse describe it as a unique situation where unexpected things happen. Matt Penn from the National Solar Observatory in Arizona, says, “The world goes still. The wind dies down. The temperature drops. Birds are silenced mid-song. You feel the shadow of the moon pass over you, and you really feel that something is wrong.” Oooooo, being a fan of the creepy, I really like that.

But my darling hubby does all the work of trip planning so that’s life. OTOH, these 60— that’s six-oh volunteers— who call themselves the Citizen CATE (Continental-America Telescope Eclipse) Experiment. will stitch together 90 minutes worth of film for the longest movie of a total solar eclipse ever made.  Sounds like a perfect way for me to sit and get over jet lag.

At any rate, that’s my plan and when I get back from my cruise, I’ll dig up the url and post it so you can enjoy watching the eclipse with popcorn.

I’ll still be on the cruise on the 30th, my next scheduled post, which I still have to write. So it will be September 10th before I post the url. If you haven’t noticed my plan is to post on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. (OK, in February it will be the 28th.) At any rate, I just figured out how to write my posts in advance and schedulre WordPress to post them on my multiples of ten. Is my mathematical side coming out? OTOH I suspect my followers are savvy enough to find ithe url for the video on their own before I post. Hey, use reply to this post to share with others and even save me a step.

Hmm, I have two sisters under the path. I’ll have to try to figure out the time change and toast with them.  Cheers!

Resourced from click here.

And if you are heading out,  a NY Times article says being in a crowd may enhance the experience.






7 thoughts on “Not headed for a solar eclipse traffic jam?

    • I’ll be outside working in the yard, so I will notice it. Don’t have any eye protection so will not be looking at it directly. However, last time we had one (partial) I found that the leaves of trees act as a lens of sorts so was able to see it projected on the wall of my house…. several times over. It’s a weird thing to watch.


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