This blew me away.

OK, I admit it. I am fascinated with the way the brain works. Even when I read about all of the fascinating discoveries about space, I am in awe of human’s ability to discover such facts from millions of miles away.

Get to the point of this post, Eloise, you’re thinking. So before your eyes glaze over, look at the pairs of pictures above. In particular, I thought the first pair were photos of the same person. Instead, the second is constructed from the neural signals detected when macaque monkeys observed the human faces.

After years of research Caltech biologists, Le Chang and Doris Y. Tsao,  deciphered the code of how faces are recognized. Their discovery could mean a new approach to artificial vision and is considered a huge achievement.

The only structural difference that I can discern is a slight difference in the width of the faces. I guess this article doubly fascinates me as it is about how the brain figures out itself. Literally mind boggling.


7 thoughts on “This blew me away.

    • Facial recognition software already impinges on our privacy, but knowing what parts of our brain are involved in seeing facial features is not likely to improve the software. Hmm, maybe some average looking Joe could manipulate our brain cells some day so women think he looks like Ryan Gosling.

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