Oddities and Endities

Natural Kauai

Plants are social creatures like us and hang out with their favorites. In so doing, they fare better and look better. I’ve always wondered why collections of weeds in the wild look pleasingly natural, but  wild grass growing up through the rosemary on the downslope of our property looks messy. As if we didn’t need to know enough already for attractive landscaping: soil type, drought tolerance, deer resistance, longevity, etc. Now we need to check plants’ facebook pages for their friends.

Someone  accidentally discovered caterpillars that eat plastic. Wax worms chewed their way out of a seal-a-meal bag. Tests revealed they digested the plastic, rather than just used their little teeth as a tool. It’s hoped their digestive enzymes can be replicated. wouldn’t  that be great if they could mass-produce the juices and spray that garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean?.

Speaking of plastic, the UK is experimenting with using recycled plastic for road surfaces. The manufacturer claims it’s cheaper and longer lasting as well as a green alternative.


Did you know there were glow-in-the-dark mushrooms? The glow comes from the same chemicals fireflies employ, but the mushroom glow is constant. They are sprinkled all over the globe including Pisgah National Forest, but not well-known. I guess one doesn’t hike in forests at night. They are of special interest to me as my next book involves an undersea setting where the denizens can bioluminesce.

Ages ago, doctors who made frequent house calls could  tell the nature of an illness by the smell in the house. Dog noses are employed to detect cancer or an epileptic on the verge of a seizure. Now, a nosey machine  is on the horizon to help diagnose illness.

A small study suggests that exercising before breakfast may be good for reducing fat cells. The odd thing is that exercise after eating consumes more calories, but the study suggests that with no calories to burn, the body turning to the fat cells is of benefit.

Unlike bacteria, viruses are not living creatures. I think I envisioned both as up-to-no-good little things crawling around in my body, but a virus is a bit of genetic code, which interferes with a cell’s genetic instructions and replicates. It’s like inerting an infinite loop into a software program. Step A.Copy me. Step B. Go to Step A.

The medical profession appears to be recognizing the value of chiropractic for bad backs. Studies recognize the alleviation of pain, which is critical as the body naturally heals itself. The only odd thing to me is what took them so long.

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2 thoughts on “Oddities and Endities

  1. Finally, some good news from exercise research! I’ve always exercised first thing in the morning because if I take time to have breakfast – and thus wake up – I will remember how much I hate to exercise and not do it.


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