Forget Atlantis. A lost continent has been discovered under the Indian Ocean!











South African scientists including Geologist Lewis Ashwal of Wits University announced that three billion year old zircons have been found on the nine million year old tropical island of Mauritius. They believe the only explanation is that the island, which is near Madagascar off the eastern coast of Africa, sits atop a lost continent, which was once part of Gondwana, the huge land mass from which Africa, South America, Antarctica, India and Australia split off.  The continent dubbed Mauritia is described as having to have splintered off in a complicated way. Check out the first website below to see a conjectured outline of Mauritia which extends from the island of Mauritius to north of the southern tip of India. I have no idea how they were able to formulate the shape unless it is a missing sliver from Gondwana.

When ancient small zircons were first found on the beaches in 2013, it was speculated that they could have blown there or arrived on the shoes of tourists. Now that  the oldest mineral on Earth has been found embedded in rocks on the island paradise, scientists are completely convinced the point of origin comes from a contnent below.

What I found fun about this discovery is that I am writing a novel about an intelligent human-like species which lives under an unnamed sea floor. If Mauritia splintered in a complicated way, it could provide the home for my imagined tetrapeds. Hooray!


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