Wave goodbye to fossil fuels?

ocean-918999_1280Britain’s first wave farm is poised to generate electricity in 2018. If successful fourteen more wave farms will be constructed in 2020. Together they could power 6,000 homes. One advantage of a wave farm is that no land use is required.


Another advantage is that this Cornwall wave farm will operate underwater and is therefore less susceptible to storm damage. It is also not visible so does not interfere with property purchased for ocean views. This wave energy production device is called ‘Ceto 6’ after a Greek sea goddess and designed by Carnegie Wave Energy, an Australian company.

The company received a  grant of nearly twelve million  from the European Regional Development Fund, which is supported by the EU. Government has traditionally played a large role in innovations that improve and save lives. We can only hope that we have reached a tipping point towards renewable energy and that corporations understand the need to revolutionize our energy sources for the future of the planet.

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2 thoughts on “Wave goodbye to fossil fuels?

    • Indeed. I’m hoping the decline in cost of alternative energy will result in real competition, and that consumers will be seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. There won’t be subsidies similar to those given to gas and oil.


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