Shocking good news for chocoholics!


Love chocolate, but feel guilty about the amount of fat?1 The good news is that a new lower-fat product may be on the horizon, which has no substituted ingredients and may be even tastier than today’s chocolate bars. The chocolate is electrocuted! In order to manufacture chocolate as a consumable solid, it needs to be melted  in order to flow through pipes into molds. It also needs to melt in your mouth for yumminess. Physicists have been studying something called smart fluids for decades. A smart fluid is one whose properties change after zapping it with electricity. It turns out liquid chocolate is a smart fluid, as it becomes less thick and sticky when passing through an electric current. This enables chocolate to be made with a smooth, creamy texture with less fat/cocoa butter. No substitution of undesirable fats with fewer calories.

The electric current changes the shape of molecules from spherical to elongated. The elongated shapes pack together better and increases the ability of the chocolate to flow smoothly and to taste smooth.

Cocoa beans contain many important nutrients such as anti-oxidants, a mild anti-depressant (Yoo hoo, I knew it!), a mild stimulant, and essential minerals and vitamins. It is well known that dark chocolate is more nutrient rich as more of the fat is from cocoa butter rather than the dairy used in milk chocolate.

Rongjia Tao, professor of physics at Temple and chief investigator of the study of using electricity to lower the fat content said his team is working with a major chocolate manufacturer to get the tastier chocolate with 20% less fat to market. I’m going to be watching for it.

  1. A 1 oz. serving of dark chocolate has 9 grams of total fat, 5 of which is saturated. The amount for milk chocolate is similar. The American Heart Association recommends not eating more than 13 grams of saturated fat per day on a typical 2000-calorie diet.

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2 thoughts on “Shocking good news for chocoholics!

  1. I haven’t been a big chocolate fan since high school when we had a fundraiser selling World’s Finest Chocolate bars for $.50 a bar. My friend and I worked so hard to get first prize for selling the most but lost out to a classmate whose father owned a service station and ask customers to support our school.( I had to spend my whole allowance to pay for the 10 bars I
    ate.) I always knew that some brands of chocolate tasted a lot better than others but I had never paid attention to smoothness until I bought a bag of Lindt truffles and then a bag of Hersheys chocolates a couple of months ago. The Lindt chocolates were noticeably smoother. I don’t really want the Hersheys anymore but I guess I will put them in the freezer for hard times. Smoother chocolate with fewer fat grams is great if you don’t eat more.


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