Telescope Eyes


A prize for dimming eyes

(With Apologies to the Eagles)

You can see through brand new eyes
Your smile shows your big surprise
You thought you’d never realize
A telescope would light your dimming eyes

That’s probably what a man suffering with end-stage macular degeneration for 40 years thought. Then he met Dr. Christopher Shelby MD of WK Eye Institute in Shreveport. LA. Dr. Shelby implanted a miniature telescope in the man’s eye on a recent April morning. By noon he was reported to be able to read part of a menu.

Macular degeneration is considered incurable and affects millions per year. Risk factors include age, genetics, and smoking.

The device, according to News Radio 10 KEEL is “the only FDA-approved implantable telescope, employing wide-angle micro-optics in a Galilean telescope design. The implant, along with the cornea, enlarges images in front of the eye up to 2.7 times their normal size.”

Read More: New Eye Procedure At WK Seems Like Science Fiction | 

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